Waxed Dirt (Freezeproof)

Regular price $ 28.00

As of 01/20/2021, we have sold out of our supply of waxed dirt and will not be making more this season


Waxed dirt to make your trap beds freezeproof in frozen trapping conditions.  All dirt made with professional care so as not to contaminant dirt with any odors.  You may smell the dirt smell but no foreign odors will make this dirt detectible to an animal. 

Sifted, dried, and waxed right here at the Trap Shack! Packaged in a convenient handled container to make it easier to carry on your trapline.  Approx. 14 pounds.  This is a must for any cold weather/winter trapper.

Please note during the months of December-February, we make fresh waxed dirt every single day so if the inventory on our webpage shows "Sold out", please check back the next business day or feel free to give us a call at 715-937-4359 to see how many we have made that might not yet be uploaded to the site!

This item is already waxed dirt; if you are looking for flake wax for making your own waxed dirt, this is NOT flake wax.

***We cannot ship this item when the weather is above 80 degrees or it will melt into a solid block!***