About Us

Greetings Fellow Trappers,

Trap Shack Company started in Arcadia, WI and has recently relocated to Neillsville, WI.  Run by trappers, for trappers, we can guarantee that when you order from Trap Shack Company, you are getting the best of the best that will ensure you catch fur and have fun on the trapline.




Thanks for checking out our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Customer service is our #1 priority!




Photo Credits:

  • Muskrat - by SURZ (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Beaver - by SteveFinMD (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Coyote - by karlumbriaco (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Bobcat - by gkuchera (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Raccoon - by karamysh (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Pine Marten - by Abi Warner (www.bigstockphoto.com)
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  • Mink - by Alan Tunnicliffe (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Wolf - by Kjekol (www.bigstockphoto.com)

 **All photos not listed above are original photos owned by the Trap Shack Company, and should not be copied or reproduced without permission**