About Us

Greetings Fellow Trappers,

Welcome to the Trap Shack! I have been trapping part-time for 40+ years in the bluff country of Western Wisconsin. We are blessed with an abundance of Coon, Muskrat, Mink, Beaver, Coyotes and Fox. Trapping provides a connection to the natural rhythms and being part of the circle of life. My family and I operate a naturally-run organic farm which encompasses beef, sheep, chickens, crops and an assortment of critters as pets. Our farm also has flower gardens and an orchard of 60 apple. I am a licensed veterinarian in large animal practice. My wife Sue and younger son Hawken work with me on vet route, farming, and with the trapping business. My older son Greg is the Web Designer for both the Trap Shack Company and our online farm retail company Flowing River Farm. We also have a wonderful and highly talented team of employees who assist with packing and shipping our products all over the United States.

Thanks for checking out our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Customer service is our #1 priority!










-Doc Tom Roskos & Family-



Photo Credits:

  • Muskrat - by SURZ (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Beaver - by SteveFinMD (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Coyote - by karlumbriaco (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Bobcat - by gkuchera (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Raccoon - by karamysh (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Pine Marten - by Abi Warner (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Weasel - by Victor Tyakht (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Mink - by Alan Tunnicliffe (www.bigstockphoto.com)
  • Wolf - by Kjekol (www.bigstockphoto.com)

 **All photos not listed above are original photos owned by the Trap Shack Company, and should not be copied or reproduced without permission**