Reuwsaat's - Liquid Frenzy Predator Bait - 16 oz

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The name says it all.  Predators watch out! This is a liquid bait that:

  • you can squirt down a dirt hole
  • the bottle comes with a flip top cap to make this process easy
  • is a strong meat based bait that has been bottled in liquid form
  • keeps the predators at your set
  • the predator never gets to what's in the hole because the ground has absorbed it
  • makes predators turn your standard dirt hole into a crater trying to find it

This is an all season bait. 

It has great attributes that really help the Southern Trapper/ADC trapper who has to deal with hotter temps, ants and flies.  This bait:

  • soaks into the ground while still omitting it’s enticing odor
  • eliminates flies and ants from being able to carry it away

This bait works great on:

  • bobcat
  • coyote
  • fox
  • raccoon
  • badger
  • skunk