Reuwsaat's - DP Coon Bait Extreme Performance

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Reuwsaat's DP Coon Bait is offered in six different aroma's/odor's that will attract raccoons: 

  • Apple Crunch DP Coon Bait is a great early season bait.  When the coons are piling on winter fat rarely will they pass up fruit.  This bait satisfies every coon’s sweet tooth and contains added ingredients that will keep them working your DP’s until caught.
  • Fish DP Coon Bait has a very strong fish odor.  The grain in this bait and the intense fish odor is a combination coons simply can not resist.
  • Smoked Fish DP Coon Bait is an extremely strong, concentrated coon attractant.  This bait has the fish odor coons love with added ingredients that pull them to your sets.
  • Smoked Shellfish DP Coon Bait is a time tested and proven coon attractant.  This bait creates the natural scenario of a crawfish in a hole.  Coons will aggressively work your DP’s to get the bait and when the coon gets to the trigger he will think that he has captured the crawfish and will attempt to pull it out.
  • Twisted Anise DP Coon Bait is a powerful coon attractant that emits that unmistakable coon calling odor.  It calls coons from a distance and keeps them focused on your sets.  This DP bait works in all seasons and really shines when the weather turns nasty.