Reuwsaat On The Trapline with Lesel Reuwsaat DVD's

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Come along with Lesel Reuwsaat on his Trap Lines.  You will learn the techniques Lesel uses on his Trap Lines to put up impressive lots of fur year after year. These DVD’s offer techniques that will add value to your Trap Line year after year! He's trapped in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan and Delaware. We offer three of the Lesel Reuwsaat's DVD's which include:

  • “Advanced Professional Bobcat Methods” DVD takes you along on Lee’s South Dakota bobcat line.  This DVD shows proven methods to help you catch bobcats. He has harvested as many as 43 western bobcats in one season while releasing an additional 16. 1 hour 30 min.
  • “Coyote Methods” DVD demonstrates the methods and techniques that help him put up huge numbers year in and year out on his trapline. You are sure to learn from watching this tremendous, 120 minute DVD.  Every facet of the professional approach is covered. Lee caught and put up 432 coyotes during the 2013/2014 season.
  • “Advanced Professional Coyote Methods” DVD is an advanced continuation of the “Coyote Methods” DVD and contains all new footage. It focuses on a wide variety of different sets and where they are used.  The new variations compliment the standard dirt hole.  These variations will help give you an advantage in high pressure trapping situations.  You follow a true professional fur trapper on his line and see the additional methods he uses on his trapline. He's caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. 1 hour 35 minutes