Noonan-Coyote Trapping 101 DVD

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  • To a beginner or less experienced trapper, coyote trapping can seem overwhelmingly complicated and difficult, with endless supposedly essential details to be mastered. Add to this the coyote's mystique of allegedly being "intelligent" and very difficult to "outsmart", and many beginners give up after their first efforts fail. Some are too intimidated to even try.

  • In reality, many coyotes can be fairly easy to catch - once the simple basics are understood. This video explains and shows those basics in extremely close, clear detail. It covers traps, equipment, and set making, as well as location. You'll see a number of coyote catches from Bob Noonan's trapline along with 11 detailed pen-and-ink diagrams of these productive locations, with explanations of why they worked.

  • Professional trappers with thousands of coyotes to their credit use uncomplicated methods and equipment. Once you understand these straightforward basics, you will catch coyotes.

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