Mink Lure & Bait Box

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Scents used for mink trapping will be primarily food based, such as fish or fresh meat or mink musk. A very strong musk smell may cause the young or female mink to shy away but will really attract the big bucks. Milligan's Red River Lure has the strong musk for the big buck mink while Carman's 3 Rivers Mink Lure has a much milder musk that can attract all types. Mark June's Brown Sugar Lure combines some musk with multiple food ingredients. Salmon Oil itself is an attractant but will also jazz up your own meat source.

  • Variety of lures for mink trapping
  • Convenient and economical
  • Combination of food and musk lures
  • Includes Milligan's, Carman's, Mark June's and Trap Shack Lures