MB 650 Coilspring Trap (Offset w/ Inside Laminate)

Regular price $ 23.95

  • This MB-650-OS-IL has inside laminated 1/4" offset jaws, a 6-1/2" outside jaw spread and a 5 3/4" inside jaw spread.
  • The MB 650 traps are custom-made: 4-coiled, base-plated, center swiveled and have extra heavy-duty oversize pans to provide for a larger kill area.  
  • Heavy duty #3 US made straight-link chain with MB Crunchproof swivels.
  • Unique pan system locks down both jaws so there is not a loose jaw.
  • Target Species: Coyote, Bobcat
  • We recommend using the MB 650 Setter as the springs are very strong.  The setter allows you to safely hold open the trap with one hand, and set the trap with your other hand.