MB 550 Coilspring Trap (Offset - 2 coil)

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  • The MB 550 RC has an outside jaw spread of 5 1/2" and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4".
  • The cast jaw face is 3/8" thick and the offset is 3/16".
  • Cast jaws are smooth and rounded to cause less damage to the foot.
  • Made with heavy duty #2 US made straight-link chain and MB Crunchproof swivels.
  • Stainless steel night latch dog.
  • Paws-I-Trip pan system included for ease of tension adjustment.
  • Pan tension pre-set to approximately 3 pounds.
  • Waxing will decrease pan tension by about .3 pounds
  • Easily converts to a 4 coil using Coilsprings (MB 550), if more speed and holding power are desired.  Otherwise, we recommend cutting the excess spring pins off leaving 1/2" protruding from the frame.
  • Strong springs, but can usually be set by hand without setters.
  • Target species:  Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Raccoon
  • Tom's Top Ten: This product has been selected by Tom, the owner, as a great product based on value, quality and function.