Lyon Speed Stand

Regular price $ 4.95

Available in either Universal or Double


  • Heavy duty steel stabilizer that fits on 3/8" or 1/2" fiberglass rods or 1/2" steel conduit
  • Width of arms can be adjusted to accommodate different size traps from #1 to #2 - works best with coilspring traps but single or double spring work also
  • Clips can be used to hold stands at a designated height or for holding bait.  Bait can be put on peg or lure can be put in a small medicine bottle inside larger loop
  • Holds trap very secerely


  • Has a center hole to be used with 1/2" steel conduit
  • Holds 2 traps on same rod
  • Because of weight, need to use something under stand, to hold at desired level.   We recommend 11/16" Speed Stand Clips