Home Tanning Kit

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The perfect combination of products to tan your own hides.  Tanning your hides can be a daunting task but with the right equipment and patience the end product can be a beautiful creation.  By following the Hide Tanning Formula instructions and treating your hide with care and precision this kit can result in a product that looks as if it were done by a professional without the high cost. 


    • Wiebe Soft Handle Skinner
      • Soft handle for comfortable grip and slight down-turn on end of blade for easier skinning
    • Fleshing Tool
    • Aluminum Tail Stripper
      • Skin out base of tail and pull down from tail using this tail stripper
    • Tail Slitting Guide
      • Insert into tail and use knife to slit tail open- results in a straight cut and allows to open tail for proper drying and treating
    • Hide Tanning Formula (1 8oz bottle) 
      • Safe and easy to use with no harsh chemicals.  Will need loose white salt and dish detergent to complete the process.  Instruction pamphlet included.

    *Must be 18 years or older to purchase.