Fox Lure & Bait Box #1

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This combo will provide the variety of scents to take fox during the entire season! Mark June's Fox Frenzy Lure combines glands and curiosity ingredients. Hawbaker's Wiley Red Lure is a great call lure. These two are best used in a hole such as a dirt hole or flat set. When applied to the sheep wool and placed in the hole, the wool will help hold the set. Milligan's Steppenwolf II Lure is a loud musk combined with food ingredients. Can be used in the hole or at the backing of the set. Caven's Terminator is a liquid bait that can be used alone or in conjunction with one of the other lures. A small squirt of fox urine will complete the set and acts as an attractant as well as a suspicion remover. There is enough variety to change-up your sets.

  • Use for fox trapping
  • Convenient and economical
  • Variety of Lure Scents, Red Fox Urine, Wool,
  • Milligan's Steppenwolfe II Lure, Hawbaker's Wiley Red Lure
  • Caven's Terminator Lure, and Mark June's Fox Frenzy Lure