Steck "Canine Trapping in Dirt and Snow" DVD

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  • Mark Steck caught his first canine in 1973. Since that time Steck has commercially trapped fox and coyotes in several states in all kinds of conditions. A trapping free spirit, Mark brings to this video simplistic methods that bust many trapping myths. He gives an in depth analysis of empty traps sprung traps , a subject that most pros sweep under the rug. In dirt, rain and snow Mark adjusts to changing weather conditions as he takes you on a working trapline in farmland country.
  • Length 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Learn a multitude of sets using foothold and snares
  • See a quick and novel dispatch method
  • A 17 section on lure usage in varying conditions
  • Learn a simple system for keeping sets working in foul weather
  • Revealed is a theory on why some animals work sets aggressively and some lack interest