Milligan "Coyote Fever: The Art of the 2 inch Circle"

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  • From Ray Milligan: "Fellow Trappers, I wrote COYOTE FEVER back in 1978, now 34 years later it ranks as the No. 1 best selling coyote trapping book ever. In this instructional DVD I have visually shown the viewer the methods and techniques that I have employed over the past 36 years to trap coyotes. Those of you that have followed my career know I'm from Pennsylvania, and have worked my way west, via seven years in Kansas, to settle here in the Rockies of NM. for the past 29 seasons. Through these years of commercial longlining I've piled up some catches that border on the unbelievable to the average trapper. I don't mean this as a boast, but merely a fact. That know-how is now available to you herein. Enjoy! Take care, Ray Milligan"