Dryland Starter Kit

Regular price $ 249.95

The perfect all in one kit for a beginning trapper.  From dying your traps to having a sturdy indistinguishable set, this kit will provide you with all the hardware, add in a bait and/or lure and you will be ready to start trapping.  This kit is suitable for fox, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, fisher, mink, skunk, opossums and woodchucks. 


  • Pro Metal Sifter
  • 3-in-1 Tool
  • 24" T-Handle Driver
  • 1 Logwood Dye
  • 12 Heavy Duty Split Rings
  • 12 Heavy Duty Berkshire Cable Stakes with 12" Cable
    • excellent, lightweight way to secure your traps
  • 4- Dog Proof traps
    • a brown powder-coated dog-proof trap with a pull trigger. A trap quite selective for raccoons
  • 4- Bridger #1.65 Coilsprings
    • versatile trap for fox, coyote, and raccoon
  • 4- MB 550 Offset (2 coil) Coilsprings
    • excellent for fox, coyote, and bobcat trapping