Coyote Lure & Bait Box #1

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This combo provides a variety of scents to catch coyotes all season long. Mark Steck's Hwy 61 Predator Bait is an attractive meat bait. Hawbaker's Food Lure 400 is an aged food lure. Carman's Pro Choice Lure is a combination lure. These two lures can be applied to a small piece of sheep's wool and placed in a dirt hole to help hold the scent. Mark June's Songdog Supreme is a coyote gland lure that works well at the back of the set. Finish the set with a squirt of coyote urine as an attractant and suspicion remover. Find out what combination works best in your area and during the particular time of year.

  • Variety of lures for coyote trapping
  • Convenient and economical
  • Includes Hawbaker's Food Lure 400, Mark Steck Highway 61 Predator Bait
  • Mark June's Songdog Supreme
  • Carman's Pro Choice Lure, Coyote Urine & Wool