Raccoon Lure & Bait Box

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Raccoons are attracted to a wide variety of scents. This combo provides a number of different types. Mark Junes' Ridgerunner Coon Lure and Trap Shack Sweet Treat Bait provide the super sweet attractants. Milligan's Mojo Lure combines coon glands and food ingredients for a combination effect. Hawbaker's Raccoon Bait uses different food ingredients. Finish off the set with a squirt of Trap Shack's Waterway Blend. The best ones to use with the dog proof traps are Sweet Treat and Hawbaker's Raccoon Bait. Works well to put a squirt of Waterway Blend near the trap also.

  • Variety of lures for raccoon trapping
  • Convenient and economical
  • Combination of gland and food lures
  • Includes Milligan's, Hawbaker's, Mark June's and Trap Shack Lures