Coyote Lure & Bait Box #2

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This combo provides a variety of scents to catch coyotes all season long. Mark June's Widowmaker is a fresh bobcat meat bait with musks and glands added.  Using a tablespoon amount at a set, preferably down in the hole will attract your coyotes.  Reuwsaat's Tombstone is a food-based lure good for all predators all year round.  Carman's Canine Call is a long-distance call lure that works great for coyote, fox, bobcats, marten and fishers, great for the colder weather.  Caven's Yodel Dog is a coyote gland lure that incites a territorial response and best used on the backing or at urine post sets.  Finish the set with a squirt of coyote or red fox urine as an attractant and human scent cover. Find out what combination works best in your area and during the particular time of year.

  • Variety of lures for coyote trapping
  • Convenient and economical
  • Includes June's Widowmaker 16 oz., Reuwsaat's Tombstone 1 oz.
  • Carman's Canine Call 1 oz., Caven's Yodel Dog 1 oz.
  • Coyote Urine 8 oz., Red Fox Urine 8 oz., and a small amount of wool