Muskrat Starter Kit

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This kit will get you ready to catch muskrats and be able to skin and flesh them yourself.  Perfect for beginners as it includes all the necessities. 


  • 3- Bridger #1 Sure Grip Traps
    • Simple traps that work well on feed beds and toilet sets.  
  • 3- Bridger #110 Body Grip Traps
    • A 110 size body grip that is excellent for use in runs
  • 2- Sleepy Creek #1 Steel Muskrat Stretcher
  • 1- Wood Muskrat Stretcher
    • Used as a fleshing beam or as a stretcher.  When used for drying fur remember to always use the belly wedge. 
  • 1- Fleshing Tool
    • single handle fleshing tool makes fleshing easy
  • 2- Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
  • 10- Push Pins