Milligan "On the Prowl for Bobcats: Art of the 2" Circle"

$ 39.00

  • From Ray Milligan, "I wrote On the Prowl for Bobcats back in the mid-80's and it was hit with the trapping world. Now I present you with the video version. Like the book, I will take you step by step from the equipment shed, to the field, in a matter-of-fact. No-nonsense style, that as always been my trademark. I will detail the how to, when to, and where to make your sets. We will deal with the elements, from frozen, to wet, to snow covered ground and catch bobcats in all the conditions. Plus lots more knowledge, on correctly maintaining a trapline, preparing and selecting equipment, proper use of lures, baits, urine and other attractors. Herein lies the methods I've employed to catch several hundred bobcats and over 10,000 predators in my trapping life."


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