Fox Hollow Mag P - Coyote - 16 oz.

$ 10.00

  • Premium coyote urine, fortified with properly aged animal glands
  • Use in combination with
    • a long distance call in cold weather
      • Cat-Man-Do or Mark June's Windwalker
    • a food based bait or lure in early season
      • Baits: Widowmaker, Predatory Chunk, or Hiawatha Valley
      • Lures: Canine Candy, Hen's Revenge, Big Time, Big Cheese, Hawbaker Food Lure 400
  • Great for use at urine post sets and as a set refresher
  • Will work as an attractant for coyote and bobcat while reducing the catch of fox
  • Natural deterrent for rabbits and deer, may be more powerful than straight urine
  • Reapply every 5 days or after a heavy rain

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