Coon Caps

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  • American Coon Caps protect your bait no matter what critters or conditions threaten your dog-proof coon traps.
  • American Coon Caps also allow you to pre-bait and pre-set all round dog-proof coon traps.
  • This coon cap will make your trapping faster and more efficient.
  • Prebait and set your trap, turn the cap over, and your trap is ready to go.
  • It protects your bait from the elements such as snow and rain.
  • It also prevents bait thieves from getting your bait while allowing coons easy access.
  • When checking your trap line, a glance is all it takes to tell if your trap has been compromised.
  • Dog proof bait protector
  • Made in the USA of lightweight plastic that floats
  • 2 Inch shield diameter
  • 1 3/4 Inches tall
  • 1 Inch insertable diameter